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Let our experience and skill help your company grow with the times. We handle every type of distribution and shipping scenario with a well trained and skilled staff. We can guide your company through the often times confusing international shipping requirements, we can streamline your company’s distribution needs and free your time to focus on other important issues.

  • Large retailer experience
  • B2C capability
  • Strict adherence to and extensive experience with Routing Guidelines
  • Domestic and International
  • Haz-Mat certified and trained
  • Carrier Partners: FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS and Trucking (LTL)


When we receive a product or component at our warehouse, we immediately assign a barcoded part number and identify the storage location to which it is assigned within our facility.




Quite often , we receive components for eventual kitting or assembly into a finished product. (We frequently function as a final-stage manufacturer prior to shipping.) A Bill of Materials which indicates the appropriate part numbers for each element of the kit (and for the kit, itself) is used to pick the components with which to build the kit. It is also used to pick previously-assembled kits.



The Inventory Management staff picks the required material and transfers it to an assembly or shipping location. At each step of the process, the barcode inventory control system identifies the location of either the parts (or the assembled kit or finished product).



At this point, we reflect the inventory as “committed”–picked but not yet shipped–and we will show it as being in our warehouse, but no longer available for new orders.





When a product or kit is complete and ready for shipping, the Shipping Department generates shipping labels, either for a direct consumer order or for a shipment to retailer, distributor or shopping channel, whether domestic or overseas.




At every step of the way, we can identify and locate with complete accuracy every item that has come through our front doors. When shipping is complete, then and only then do we remove it from our inventory system.



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