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Our Customer, Wall Candy Arts

BoxInBoxOut Warehouse

We’ve been working with Wall Candy Arts for over 4 years and have had the pleasure of watching them grow by leaps and bounds. We provide Allison with complete account management, kitting and packaging of her wonderful wall art, and the final pick, pack, ship functions. Shipments are to her retail accounts and direct to consumers who shop on her website. Here’s a testimonial from Allison.

WallCandyArts¬†has been with Box In Box Out since 2008, and I only wish we’d found them sooner! The team at Box always comes through for us when unexpected issues arise and can be counted on to provide excellent fulfillment services and price competitive value added services, such as social media support, web development and SEO. BoxInBoxOut is great at navigating through the exhaustive and ever changing logistics manuals imposed by retailers both large and small, which goes a long way to support our vendor status- especially with stores like Target, as well as to protect us from charge backs and penalties. With vast business and fulfillment experience, Peter and Keith are also excellent resources for advice. We really do consider BIBO our partner and wouldn’t dream of looking anywhere else. ”

Allison K, Founder and CEO

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