Product Services

Product Services

In addition to our standard Pick, Pack & Ship services, BoxInBoxOut is pleased to offer the following additional services to its clients:

Special Product Services

Quality Assurance

We are happy to provide 100% QA inspection for our clients of products coming from overseas or from a vendor which has a high defect rate. This sometimes requires testing, which we can also do to your requirements.


BoxInBoxOut can provide individual product packaging and labeling for products received from overseas or domestic suppliers in bulk. We can also print and apply UPC labels on your products.

Kitting and Assembly

BoxInBoxOut does a large amount of kitting for our customers. For example, we build tens of thousands of different custom cosmetic kits for one of our customers for special promotions they do with Home Shopping Network.

Many of the items that Box In Box Out receives are not completed products but rather parts or components that must be assembled by BoxInBoxOut, either into a finished product or combined with other components into a kit or package of some sort.

At BoxInBoxOut, contract packaging, otherwise known as kitting, is a specialty. Our approach to the labor-intensive task of collating materials to be distributed for various applications is based on a highly efficient production system that delivers on time, accurate results.
Original components vary widely. They may consist of everything from individual items of skin care or spa treatment products, to furniture and children’s products, from flat boxes and wall art to product literature.

At the heart of BoxInBoxOut’s systemized assembly procedure is our Bill of Procedures document. It specifies every component to be included in the kit or finished product, including the packaging, and reflects its part number. At the appropriate time to pick the parts for assembly, the Bill of Materials functions as the master control to assure accuracy.

While no two kits are alike, at BoxInBoxOut, the common denominator is a thoughtfully organized, tightly-controlled procedure and an enthusiastic assembly team.

Gift Wrapping

We provide gift wrapping for several of our B2C customers, most of whom charge their customers for this service.

Returns Processing

BoxInBoxOut does the returns processing for most of our clients. Their customers are instructed to return products to the “Returns Department” at our address. We handle the receiving, storage and disposition of those returns. All returns and their status can be accessed on-line through our WMS reporting.

Product Refurbishing

If required, we can to do simple refurbishing work on new or returned products. Among other projects, we have replaced expired batteries and washed stains from imported glasses. Refurbishing of returned products can involve repackaging or relabeling, as well as replacing broken or missing parts.

Full physical inventories

Several of our clients require annual physical inventories for their audited financial statements. While our WMS provides a perpetual inventory, we can conduct a full physical if needed.