Pick, Pack, & Ship

Pick, Pack, & Ship

The BoxInBoxOut warehouse layout, racking and shelving systems, material handling equipment and warehouse management and shipping systems are designed with one goal in mind- to receive, pick, pack and ship your orders accurately and efficiently.

Whether you are a B2B client shipping to Nordstroms or a B2C customer shipping to Jane Doe in Topeka, our objective is the same as yours, total satisfaction:

  • Accurate Picking
  • Attractive packaging and well protected contents
  • Branding through custom labels and client’s inserts
  • Fast Processing and shipping
  • Tracking provided
  • Multiple Shipping Options
    • Ground
    • Air
    • International
  • HazMat certified
  • Inventory, order status and tracking information available real-time, on-line.

Standard Pick, Pack and Ship Services:

  • BoxInBoxOut works with its clients to integrate their front-end and other systems with our warehouse management system (WMS). See technology for more details.
  • Receiving from domestic and international locations- fast convenient service to our Central Virginia location
  • All inventory is entered, received and tracked throughout its stay and eventual shipment through our sophisticated warehouse management system WMS).
  • Complete RF (radio frequency) scanning at all stages to assure accuracy and real time data availability.
  • Picking by RF and status shown in on line reports available to our customers
  • Shipping through multiple carriers (see Logistics Partners), all done by RF with status available to our customer.
  • Tracking codes are transmitted to our customers.
  • Real-time, on-line reports are available showing status of inventory and orders.
  • We ship a large number of international orders for several of our clients and are experienced in this complex but increasingly common area.
  • For our B2B customers, BoxInBoxOut works with most of the large retailers and is experienced in reading and conforming to complicated, punitive “routing guides.”
  • BoxInBoxOut has HAZ MAT (hazardous materials) certified shippers.