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BoxInBoxOut’s services and capabilities don’t end when your product leaves our loading dock.
Many of the items that BoxInBoxOut receives are not completed products but rather parts or components that must be assembled by BoxInBoxOut either into a finished product or combined with other components into a kit or package of some sort.

At BoxInBoxOut, contract packaging, otherwise known as kitting, is a specialty. Our approach to the labor-intensive task of collating materials to be distributed for various applications is based on a highly efficient production system that delivers on time, accurate results.
Original components vary widely. They may consist of everything from individual items of skin care or spa treatment products, to furniture and children’s products, from flat boxes and wall art to product literature.
At the heart of BoxInBoxOut’s systemized assembly procedure is our Bill of Materials document. It specifies every component to be included in the kitting or finished product, including the packaging, and reflects its part number. At the appropriate time to pick the parts for assembly, the Bill of Materials functions as the master control to assure accuracy.
While no two kits are alike, at BoxInBoxOut the common denominator is a thoughtfully organized, tightly-controlled, enthusiastic assembly procedure.

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