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I have worked with the Box In Box Out team for a number of years and was pleased to learn that they “officially” expanded their service offerings to include marketing, e-Commerce design and consulting. Box In Box Out’s growing team has helped us enormously in these areas over the years, so it makes sense that they would make these services available to a wider-audience. When we began conversations about expanding our business channels, we relied greatly on Box In Box Out’s marketing and technical expertise and guidance. Their teams are skilled and knowledgeable professionals who worked with us closely to design a B2C website ( that is just right for us. In addition to consulting services, they were also able to implement the solution. Their technology skills have proven to be truly outstanding. Not only did Box In Box Out implement the website, they also worked with us to create a series of integration points with our enterprise application and fulfillment center. They adapted technology to meet our unique affiliate needs and continue to stay abreast of trends and advise us. Box In Box Out is extremely reliable and can be counted on to help with day-to-day operational needs, as well as pressing issues. Box In Box Out is a true business partner and works with us as an integrated part of the team. We are very pleased and fortunate to have such a talented extension to our team and I recommend them highly.

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