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We’ve now been working with BIBO for a few months and I wanted to send a note to express how pleased I’ve been with your service to date. I’ve not received a SINGLE complaint from customers regarding damage to books received – which goes to show the care your people have been taking with protecting the products I’ve placed under your care. Something that is VERY important to me.

I LOVE the system Sarah and her team has set up¬†for picking. It’s well organized and does a great job keeping the loose stock available and protected.

In addition, your client services people have been GREAT to work with. From time to time I’ve had to cancel an order (because the person wanted the books personalized), or had some other issue that required “personal intervention” and they’ve always been fast and communicative and nothing has fallen through the cracks.

Your invoicing system is transparent and makes it easy for me to understand my costs and when shipping supplies have run low, your people have let me know and we’ve been able to get supplies shipped directly to you without problems or incidents.

Your online systems make it easy for me to track inventory and the status of orders and the integration with our Paypal system has gone better than I thought possible (Yes, there were a few minor issues – one of which we are still working through, but for the most part I’m highly impressed with how quickly we got “up and running.”

And last but not least, the flexibility¬†you and your team has provided has been exceptional. We’ve come in and signed books (something you’ve made easy for us to do), we’ve hand delivered stock, and we’ve picked up items when necessary. All of which has made working with you a pure joy.

In short, I can’t think of a single area where you did not exceed my expectations, and in my 30+ years of business experience, I can’t think of another organization that I can say the same about.

You and the other principles at BoxInBoxOut have much to be proud of regarding the team you’ve put together and the systems you’ve developed. If you ever need someone to act as a reference I’d be more than happy to discuss my experiences with your company. You’ll not find a bigger cheerleader than I.

Thanks for making my search for a partner for this service a great one, and I’m looking forward to many more years of working together.

Robin Sullivan

Michael Sullivan Books

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