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Valentine’s Day reminds us how boys and girls are different (as if we needed a reminder!).

This is Valentine’s Day post from our BoxInBoxOut customer, Wall Candy Arts (www.wallcandy arts). They specialize  in “peel and stick” decorative wall decals and chalk boards. Here’s the post:

We’ve explored gender identity in kids before in this blog, particularly how most girls naturally gravitate to princesses and most boys love cars and trucks no matter how hard the sociologists try to prove otherwise. There are exceptions to every rule, of course, and many toys/themes appeal to both sides of the aisle.

That being said, there are perhaps no more rigid lines drawn between the sexes as the ones on the Valentines card shelves. Not the sappy gooey Hallmarks, but those hokey boxes of foldable cards aimed at the elementary school classroom (with special bonus card for the teacher).

To be blunt, Valentine’s Day is much more of a girl-friendly holiday with its pinkish hues threatening to alienate the boys years before they start “liking” girls. So how do you make V-Day more boy-friendly?

For starters, the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) gang will clobber you if you don’t think that emotions and affections are cool. Bone-crushing hug, anyone?

Wrestling With Love: Showing Admiration With Your Fists?

What’s being served up to the girls?  Pretty much the same menu as its always been: sweet syrupy characters like Hello Kitty and teen heartthrobs like Justin Bieber (insert screaming and fainting here).

Girly Cards: Justin and the Kitty (Double click to enlarge).

And what to make of the creepy zombie teens at Monster High?

Best Ghoul Friends — get it, do you?  Ghoul Friends!

Monster High and Corny Puns (Double click to enlarge).

WallCandy Arts takes a more traditional approach to Valentine’s Day decorations — favoring a more simple time when the heart was the dominant symbol over licensed characters or commercial tie-ins.

The great thing about heart wall decals is that they never become outdated. Love is not a seasonal concept. Your kids will have as much fun sticking and resticking WallCandy’s removable decals and temporary wallpaper on Feb. 15th as they did on the 14th.

Rainbow of Love: Overlapping Hearts Wall Stickers Let Kids Experiment With Color Combos (Double click for more information).

Check out the complete WallCandy Valentine’s Day Collection:

* Candy Wall Hearts — Sweet and straight to the point in less characters than they give you on Twitter.
* LOVE Wall Decals — Spell it out big and bold with lots of decorative hearts to boot!
* Chalkboard Heart — Customize your little love notes.
* Whoo Loves U — Valentine’s Day Owls? Just Adorable.
* I Heart Owls Wall Stickers — Leaves shaped like hearts? Double adorable.
* Overlapping Heart Wall Decals — The Most Colorful Valentine’s Day Ever.
* Hearts Red Removable Wallpaper — Share the love year round.
* Hearts Lavender Temporary Wallpaper — Spreading some purple passion!

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